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From roots to blooms...

The seed for Walnut Lily was planted to fulfill my endless creative energy & to honor my mom who had always encouraged me to embrace life and adventure! My family’s roots were established in St. Louis and Nashville & continue to grow strong.  For as long as I can remember, my family has always supported my creative efforts, ideas, & energy to try new things.


Throughout my childhood, I would rearrange the furniture in my bedroom, paint the walls & support beams in the basement & attempt to build treehouses & go-carts (yes, go-carts) by repurposing existing toys, bikes & tarps.  Thankfully, my parents knew I had grit & encouraged me to use it, even though they were shocked by many of the "projects" I had attempted & the things that I had dismantled to complete them.  

As I grew older, my appreciation for the arts continued & I had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy, which became one of the best memories of my life.  A few months after my family visited me abroad, my mom passed away from cancer.  Even when she was facing the hardest battle of her life, my mom encouraged me to travel the world, keep trying new adventures & give it my all every time.  Because of my family’s strength & selflessness, we shared special memories in Italy before Heaven embraced my mom as another angel.

Since the lily was her favorite flower, I keep it close to my heart as a reminder to look for the joy in life & to ‘keep going for it!’ {as she would say}.  It is my hope that I can give that same encouragement to my own children & inspire them to dream, create & explore!


The walnut tree symbolizes strength, protection & positivity and it is believed that when present in your life, walnut wood will provide courage for you to try new adventures, help you remain balanced & stay confident to follow your own path.  I find it a happy coincidence that the inspiration for my projects blossom while I work on my antique, walnut desk!

Thus, Walnut Lily has bloomed!

I believe there is beauty in strength & creativity.  My goal is to inspire you to get gritty & love your home!



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