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Mini Consultation

The Mini is a 2 step process.  The initial meeting is to evaluate your space and discuss your vision. The follow-up meeting is to provide ideas & options for you to implement on your own. 

After the consultation, you will have a detailed design list with 2 design options (per room) to move forward on your own

and get gritty.  

Full Design

The Full Design option includes the Mini, but takes it a step further by having us implement or oversee the project upon completion. 

I will provide a customized plan to implement the design to include: sourcing & purchasing of products, collaborating with installers, and overseeing the project to ensure a quality result.

A la Carte

We will meet for an initial consultation to determine your needs and follow-up to provide a detailed list of suggestions for you to implement on your own or you can choose to have us implement it for you.  Some of these requests include (but are not limited to): ideas to stage your home, selecting paint colors or artwork, display on bookshelves or consoles, sourcing furniture pieces, fabric changes, etc. Multiple room ideas are available.

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