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What a wonderful world to have so many talented & motivated friends!

Each season, Walnut Lily will feature a different entrepreneur so you can share in the joy of true grit!

Check back often, so you don't miss someone special!  

Emily Vannoni

Meet Emily Vannoni!

Emily is a Saint Louis native with Italian roots and a passion for bringing family together with food - delicious food!  


She is a natural cook extraordinaire that shares her meals and recipes for real-life cooking and baking on her blog,

Garlic and Olive Oil.  


If you're local, you can even buy her meals to go!  Emily has

also just published her first ebook, appropriately titled,

Garlic and Olive Oil - Bringing Family Together with Food!

Check out her blog if you're in need of authentic, simple,

family-friendly recipes or wish to buy her new book!  


Thank you for taking the time to meet Emily and as she

would say, "Mangia! Mangia!"

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